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Helping Those In Need

Because no one should go without food and basic necessities.

How It All Started

This project was originally started by Teri Sue Parker, on March 13th, 2020. Teri Sue was in a local grocery store, right as the orders were given to shut down the city and isolate at home. Almost on que… the schools began closing, gatherings were stopped, and Teri Sue witnessed the panic set in, watching people lining up with grocery carts full of toilet paper… people were starting to panic and hoard. 

Good Samaritan Community Food Pantry originated during the 2020 global pandemic.

Teri Sue also found herself out of a job she loved, which was marketing for a home health care company.

Because of COVID–19 she was no longer able to do her job because she could not enter homes or businesses to do her work.  As she was driving home, she began thinking of what the future may bring as COVID-19 was begging to feel real now… Good Samaritan Community Food Pantry originated during the 2020 global pandemic when Dr. Bruce and Teri Sue saw imminent need to serve the senior citizen population with food and basic necessities.

Our supports include:
6 large fridges and 8 freezers
Front porch deliveries of food boxes weekly
Healthy balanced meals that include the 5 food groups and can be modified to special dietary needs, such as diabetics.

This was during a time when lines were long at grocery stores and inventory was low. People in general were struggling to find their basic necessities. Teri Sue saw the need for getting supplies to seniors who were self-isolating due to COVID-19 or unable to get their necessities so she stepped into action.

Today, Good Samaritan Community Food Pantry is a 501c3 nonprofit that serves those in the community in need of food and basic necessities. The pantry is now open 5 days a week for donations and deliveries of food are on a 10 day schedule.

Areas We Serve

Currently the Good Samaritan Community Food Pantry is delivering to the doorsteps of isolated seniors in Temecula and Murrieta.

We also have a giving table set up for those that have family or are able to drive themselves from outlying communities to personally come to the pantry and pick up their food.

Pets are Family Too!

We understand that pets are family too. Our services can include delivery of pet food for those in need.

our founders

Meet the people who
make it all possible

Teri Sue and Dr. Bruce Parker

The Food Pantry started out of their home and they have a mission to not let anyone go hungry.


We are always looking to connect with those in need.